Eudaimonia Conference (April 20–22, 2017)

This year, the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism is a co-sponsor of the Eudaimonia Conference. More information is available on the Eudaimonia Institute’s website.

This conference aims to promote high-quality interdisciplinary theoretical and empirical research that develops a better understanding of eudaimonia, its determinants, and its institutional implications.  Eudaimonia is Aristotle’s word for “well-being,” “happiness,” or “flourishing.” The well-being and the flourishing of individuals, the happiness of families, and the prospering of communities is strongly affected by the economic, political, moral, and cultural institutions in which they live. To live a productive and fulfilling life requires an understanding of the nature, benefits, and liabilities these institutions, and of the profound ways these institutions shape and are shaped by individuals’ life projects. Our challenge is to explore, understand, and prepare ourselves and the next generations to take advantage of the enormous potential for human flourishing created by sound institutions.

Future Conferences

About once a year, the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism presents an academic conference that uses the concepts of our mission to address a developing trend in society. More information will be posted here when our 2017 conference is announced.

Recent conferences have addressed corporate social responsibility and the intersection of culture and finance.