Capitalism and Professional Identity

As part of its educational mission, the School of Business has adopted four key concepts for all academic programs: the School will prepare graduates who are practical, honorable, professional, and global in their approach to business. Each of these four concepts has a concept proponent within the Business School to insure that these distinctive concepts shape every aspect of the School’s educational programs.

The BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism is the proponent for the “professional” concept, which has three defining characteristics. To produce value in the broadest economic, cultural and professional settings, our graduates:

  • Create Value for Others. Graduates understand the nature, function, benefits, limits, and sustainability of market economies, and can create value within them.
  • Embrace a Professional Identity. Graduates understand what honorable business is, and embrace an integrated identity as members of the noble profession of business.
  • Steward the Profession of Business. Graduates understand and commit to stewardship of the honor, traditions, and productive and innovative culture of their profession, and work to strengthen their community using the skill and expertise of their professional training.

The BB&T Center is working to develop resources to help faculty and staff at Wake Forest and beyond to develop students in these dimensions.