Members of the BB&T Center team regularly publish in scholarly and popular media as part of our effort to contribute to an informed citizenry about the business and economic institutions that support a humane and just society. Recent publications are listed below, and we invite you to browse media appearances by BB&T Center faculty as well.

Phillips: Three Uncles at the Bar

The stories of three lawyers' lives convey what professional identity means, and what it could possibly cost to take on the mantle of a professional.

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Phillips and Hyde: In Search of a Professional Politician

What we really need are fewer career politicians and more professional politicians. Not “professional” in the sense of earning a salary, but rather in establishing a set of professional commitments.

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Wake Forest Business: Capitalism & Professional Identity

BB&T Center team members Jim Otteson and Matthew Phillips explain the ways Capitalism and professional identity work together to offer answers for the business world as it grapples with social criticism and a growing millennial workforce.

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Phillips: Brexit means trouble for Democrats and Republicans

The critical lens for understanding the ‘Brexit’ vote is sovereignty: the foundational right to govern. Sovereignty is an important underlying issue in the American elections as well.

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Otteson for Business Insider: Why Are You Going to Business School Anyway?

BB&T Center Executive Director Jim Otteson writes for Business Insider about Wake Forest's Why Business?™ course and the work of the Center.

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