What We Do

The Center for the Study of Capitalism works with businesspeople, communicators, researchers, students, faculty scholars, thought-leaders, advisors, and visionaries to foster a better understanding of capitalism and its role in a fast-changing, technologically driven world. The CSC is currently:

    • Researching the attitudes of younger generations towards capitalism and democracy and supporting explorations of capitalism from interdisciplinary perspectives.
    • Creating courses and experiences providing Wake Forest students proficiency in understanding how different disciplines explore and craft perspectives on capitalism.
    • Working with business leaders seeking to understand intergenerational views about capitalism’s future and role in society and its ability to solve complex issues including those related to the environment, human health, and education.

Though we are in a time of major economic disruption, we have an opportunity right now to envision a bright future.


How might we mitigate current crises and ethically manage and protect the natural world yet support global development?

Human Health

How might we manage technology, innovation, and accessibility of resources to sustain a healthy, growing world population?


How might we realign education and markets to provide equitable opportunities for individuals to secure a good future?


How might we re-evaluate business, community, and government systems to foster individual creative potential and prosperity?