The Confidence in Capitalism survey identifies how and why capitalism and democracy may be in conflict among Millennials and Gen Z and explores what younger people expect from business and government. Initial findings were presented at the Future of Capitalism Summit in April 2022. More details on the survey, the report itself, and research updates can be found here.  For more information, please contact the research team.

Christina Elson, PhD, MBA
John A. Allison IV Executive Director,
Center for the Study of Capitalism
Wake Forest University

Kylie King, PhD
Assistant Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship and Director, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Champlain College

Bimonthly, the research team shares insights from their ongoing work in Community, a text-based communication platform. To join, send a text to +1 (336) 872-2263 or go to:

The 21st century is a time of rapid technological change and the convergence of technologies, including AI, synthetic biology, blockchain, and big data. Individuals, businesses, education providers, and governments are struggling to design appropriate ways to manage risk, remain relevant, and plan for the future. The Inc. Tank podcast, hosted by the Center’s Executive Director Christina Elson, provides a forum for thought leaders to share their expertise in disruptive technologies with the public. The show talks about big issues around technology, government, education, social media, transportation, finance, healthcare, food safety, climate, and energy and space, and explores the roles of individuals, businesses, and government in creating a prosperous future.

Presented by Stephens Inc. and produced by Wake Forest alumnus Warren Stephens (MBA `81), Chairman and CEO, This Is Capitalism is an initiative that profiles entrepreneurs and business leaders and their role in shaping contemporary capitalism. The initiative supports a number of resources. Documentaries about well-known entrepreneurs showcase the skills, capabilities, and conditions that enabled their success. A podcast called CEO Stories talks with current leaders about what they want to achieve in business and how they work through the market reach those goals. Articles discuss a wide range of current issues in markets and business.


Join us on the Center for the Study of Capitalism’s YouTube channel for regular livestream panels where we confront the high-speed impact of unprecedented current events on society and the economy.  From our health and well-being to the very nature of business and the government, we are facing authentic calls for change from the status quo.  Experts with diverse backgrounds and perspectives provide insight into dynamic events. Panels are created to target critical issues as they arise and will be added to the Events page as soon as they are announced. To be notified, join our social media community or sign up for a reminder.