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Industries confronting 21st century technology know that tools and techniques are changing rapidly. No matter the degree or rate of change, however, value created through free trade provides a lasting foundation for a solid and stable society. The disciplined pursuit of personal fulfillment in business requires probity, strong moral principles that guide the right balance of obligations to one’s self and one’s community. The center works across programs to provide content that explores the foundations, morality, and limits of markets and their integration with diverse political systems. In doing so, we create businesspeople who are aware of what they want to do, strive to develop a reputation for self-control, empathy, honesty, and reliability; and are prepared to work hard to create value for themselves and society. The Center’s Why Business? course gives students an all-compassing look at the profession of business and the positive impact it can have on the world.

Why Business?

After taking this class, I approach my team projects very differently. My approach is ‘how can I better my team instead of just getting the grade?’ I look at my work in a more holistic way. I want to make a change in the world, and I think the most effective way I can do it is through business.

— Rachel Mair (BS ‘20)

We all want to feel fulfilled: to know that we’re using our lives to create a positive effect on the world. Can that happen through business? A doctor sees a patient walk away healthy, and a teacher sees a student learn new ideas.  Business professionals create value and positive change in society too, but it happens through complex organizations and in many individual transactions over time, so it can be harder to find and hold on to the fulfilling moments as a business professional.

Why Business? prepares students to succeed in their individual roles and take their places as stewards of the market system and business profession. Why Business? graduates are able to claim their place as agents of positive change and economic growth that benefit all members of society.