What We Do - Wake Forest Center for the Study of Capitalism

What We Do

We support the public’s ability to make informed choices and construct a society rooted in well-functioning capitalism.

Capitalism is an evolving and dynamic system. Well-functioning capitalism demands a constant reflection on our goals as individuals and our desire to contribute to our families, communities, and society as a whole.

We are experiencing major business disruption and economic turmoil. Education and markets must be re-aligned to successfully provide skills individuals need to secure a good future. Government and industry possess powerful tools that could challenge ideas around free speech and privacy.

In this technologically driven era, let’s thoughtfully consider the relationship between business, government, and civic organizations in tackling global issues including the environment, health, and education so we may construct systems aligned with a vision of a free and prosperous society where individuals can achieve their creative potential.

The Center for the Study of Capitalism works with businesspeople, communicators, researchers, and students to foster a better understanding of capitalism and its role in a fast-changing, technologically driven world. We focus on four impact areas:


How might we mitigate current crises and manage the natural world ethically while still supporting global development?


How might we manage technology and resources to sustain a healthy, growing world population?


How might we create opportunities for intellectual development to encourage and enable participation in a capitalist economy?


How might we create business, community, and government systems to foster individual creative potential and general prosperity?