Confidence in Capitalism

Given the watershed moment caused by the pandemic, the Center for the Study of Capitalism has initiated a multi-year survey in partnership with YouGov to examine the range of conflict concerning the values of capitalism and democracy in the United States. Americans hold complex and conflicting views about their expectations for individual economic and political freedom and the way economics and politics should work at the systems level. The Confidence in Capitalism survey identifies how and why capitalism and democracy may be in conflict among Millennials and Gen Z and explores what younger people expect from business and government.

March 2023 Report
Capitalism Satisfaction Barometer

January 2023 Report
Millennial and Gen Z Views of Free Markets, Social Issues, and the Workplace

September 2022 Report
Equal Treatment in Student Loan Relief

April 2022 Report
Views of Egalitarianism and Capitalism Among Millennials and Gen Zs


Christina Elson, PhD, MBA
John A. Allison IV Executive Director, Center for the Study of Capitalism
Wake Forest University

Kylie King, PhD
Assistant Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship and Director, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Champlain College

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