Ali Zeytoon-Nejad

Ali Zeytoon-Nejad


Assistant Teaching Professor
Wake Forest University School of Business | |

Dr. Ali Zeytoon-Nejad is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Wake Forest University School of Business and a researcher with the Center. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering, his first Master’s degree in Economics (Applied Track) both from Azad University of Iran, and his second Master’s degree in Economics (Theoretical Track) and his Ph.D. degree in Economics from North Carolina State University.

His teaching interests include microeconomics, macroeconomics, managerial economics, applied economics, and engineering economy, among others. He has been teaching at WFU since 2019 that includes teaching graduate courses to MBA and MSM students in the School of Business. He also co-teaches an undergraduate course, “Foundations of Capitalism and Contemporary Issues in Business” at WFU. Previously, he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Economics at other universities including NC State University (where he taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in Economics for five years) and Elon University.

His research primarily focuses on microeconomics, behavioral and experimental economics, macroeconomics, applied econometrics, and the economics of risk, insurance, and production, as well as economics education and pedagogy. To study these economic subjects, Ali applies a wide variety of quantitative methods, such as statistical methods, experimental methods, quasi-experimental methods, and econometric methods. In particular, three strands of his recent research are as follows: (1) Modeling U.S. federal crop insurance programs using statistical methods, (2) Measuring risk aversion and estimating risk premiums using experimental methods, and (3) Modeling input-driven output risk in production functions using econometric methods. He has published several articles in highly reputable journals such as Applied Economics, International Advances in Economic Research, and Applied Economics Letters. Aside from university life, Ali is interested in nature, animals, playing soccer, and traveling around the globe.