Tori O’Brien

Tori O’Brien

Bragg Family Fellow

Economics and Politics/International Affairs '24 | |

My name is Tori O’Brien, and I am the first Bragg Family Fellow with the Center for the Study of Capitalism. 

I am from Katy, Texas, which is a small town about an hour west of Houston, and I am currently a senior at Wake Forest University pursuing a double major in Economics and Politics/International Affairs. My favorite course I have taken at Wake is by far the History of Economic Thought, which I completed during the fall semester of my junior year with Dr. Robert Whaples. 

As passionate as I am about the political economy of America, my current dream is to intern for my campus ministry, RUF, for the first few years after graduating. I have a strong passion for connecting with people, and in previous summers I have been a counselor at a Christian summer camp and an employee of a church here in Winston. 

A little fun fact about me is that I have been to nine concerts in the last year, with three more coming up this semester! I have a huge heart for music!!