Can Rights Remain the Same in the New Normal?

May 27, 2020 | 1:00 PM EST | YouTube Live Webcast

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The pandemic has resulted in numerous violations by all levels of government of traditional liberties and individual rights. Is this an opportunity to evaluate the status of individual rights and liberties in the U.S.? What did we learn from the pandemic? How can we apply these lessons to creating a new normal?

Join moderator Christina Elson, Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Capitalism, as she speaks with distinguished panelists John Allison, Jeffrey Bucholtz, Ethan Davis, and Ilya Shapiro on their views about the appropriate role of government in managing the current health and economic crisis.

About Our Panelists:

JOHN ALLISON is an Executive in Residence at Wake Forest University School of Business. He is a member of the Cato Institute’s Board of Directors and was president and CEO of the Cato Institute from 2012 to 2015. Prior to joining Cato, Allison was chairman and CEO of BB&T Corporation from 1989 to 2008. He was recognized by the Harvard Business Review as one of the top 100 most successful CEOs in the world over the last decade. Allison was recently identified as a thought leader and is currently serving on two Presidential Commissions on coronavirus recovery and economic revival. Click for full bio.

JEFFREY BUCHOLTZ is a partner with King & Spalding and focuses on appeals and legal issues before federal and state courts across the country. As a partner in the Appellate, Constitutional and Administrative Law, and Contracts and Business Torts practices, he represents clients in a wide range of civil, regulatory, and criminal matters. Bucholtz has particular expertise in Life Sciences and represents numerous FDA-regulated companies. Jeff has argued over 40 appeals spanning nearly every federal circuit and several state courts, including two arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court. Click for full bio.

ETHAN DAVIS is the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division with the United States Department of Justice. Prior to this role, Davis served as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Consumer Protection Branch where he oversaw the Branch’s efforts to enforce the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and other protection statutes throughout the United States. Before joining the Justice Department, Davis was a litigation partner at King & Spalding LLP in San Francisco, where his practice spanned a wide range of civil and criminal life sciences and health care matters. Click for full bio.

ILYA SHAPIRO is the Director of the Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute and publisher of the Cato Supreme Court Review. Before joining Cato, he was a special assistant and adviser to the Multi-National Force in Iraq on rule-of-law issues and practiced at Patton Boggs and Cleary Gottlieb. Shapiro has authored, edited, and contributed to a variety of academic, popular, and professional publications and regularly provides commentary for various media outlets. In 2015, National Law Journal named him to its 40 under list of “rising stars.” Click for full bio.