Author Russell Shorto Named Research Affiliate, Joins WFU’s Center for the Study of Capitalism

October 14, 2020

Russell Shorto, historian, journalist and author of award-winning books, including Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City and The Island at the Center of the World has joined the Center for the Study of Capitalism as a Research Affiliate. Shorto is researching a new book on how Dutch attitudes toward capitalism reflect their historic struggles against rising sea levels. 

The Netherlands’ water issues, Shorto argues, demonstrate what can happen when private sector and civic leaders work together to solve climate change-induced problems.

 “Russell is a brilliant researcher and engaging writer,” said Christina Elson, Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Capitalism. “The story of the Netherlands is a fascinating look at controlling nature and engendering prosperity through a blend of communal efforts and entrepreneurial resolve. The Dutch learned from the past, and today, Dutch companies and non-governmental agencies are leading the worldwide battle against climate change. Russell’s research will provide important lessons for guiding a critical discussion in our own country.”

“My experience in the Netherlands illustrates that economic and environmental agendas are not irreconcilable – which is one of the principal goals of the Center for the Study of Capitalism,” says Shorto. “It will be my privilege to work with the Center to bring U.S. private and public sector leaders closer together.”  

The Dutch Consulate to Alabama, Georgia, North-Carolina, South-Carolina and Tennessee will be assisting Shorto in research and outreach. 


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