CAPITAF: Weeklong Workshop for WFU Students

March 3, 2022

Wake Forest students have an opportunity to attend a one-week small group (6-8 students) workshop at the home of Milton and Rose Friedman in Vermont called “Capitaf.” The workshop focuses on a guided reading of either “Capitalism and Freedom” or “Free To Choose.”  Seminar participants generally arrive on Sunday and depart on Friday, and the date for Summer 2022 will be determined by the availability of those interested.

Stone house in the woods

There are six full scholarships available to attend the seminar. The scholarships cover expenses in Vermont. They do not cover transportation to the location.  Please visit the “Capitaf” webpage to view the location.

This opportunity is for undergraduate and graduate students. Those interested should fill out this Google form and indicate dates between May and August, 2022 when they could attend a workshop. Completing this form is not a commitment, but it will help us determine the best date.

Free to Choose network is a media organization focused on sharing classical liberal economic and political ideas.