Capitalism and Covid-19: Live panel discussions

May 27, 2020

The pandemic and resulting economic fallout are creating serious implications for well-functioning democratic capitalism. Over the next year, the Center will host live panel discussions to explore what a dynamic and open society looks like in the future. As we rebuild systems, how can we make them work better for everyone? Do we have an opportunity to reconsider the relationship between government, business, and civic organization to foster human health, education, and the environment?

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Our June panel will address individual right in higher education as it increasingly looks at using technology including health testing, movement tracing, and online LMS platforms. All of these potentially raise civil liberty and privacy concerns around appropriate actions for monitoring behavior and cybersecurity issues regarding the use of third-party tools. Executive Director Christina Elson will be joined by Wake Forest Provost Rogan Kersh and experts Peggy Daley of BRG, Neal McCluskey of Cato Institute, and Robert Shibley of