Noted Communications Expert Richard Levick Named Executive Affiliate, Joins WFU’s The Future of Capitalism Initiative

July 6, 2020

Richard LevickRichard S. Levick, Esq. Chairman and CEO of LEVICK, a global communications firm has joined the Center for the Study of Capitalism as an Executive Affiliate. Levick is a pioneer of litigation communications. He is an author, noted television news contributor on crisis and public affairs, and regular columnist for multiple publications. He is a sought-after global keynote speaker and is a professor at both the Fordham and Wake Forest Schools of Law.

“I am thrilled Richard will join the Center and that and that he will be teaching at Wake Forest,” said Christina Elson, Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Capitalism “The Future of Capitalism is beginning life as regular immersive discussions that confront the high-speed impact of unprecedented current events on society and the economy. From our health and well-being to the very nature of business and the government, we face sobering calls for change. Richard will be a driving force in helping lead those discussions and in forging a path forward for companies.”

Elson and Levick recently coauthored an op-ed piece in the Winston-Salem Journal urging companies to embrace fundamental change amid the country’s economic, public health, and social justice crises.

“I’m honored to be working with Christina and her team to make the Center for the Study of Capitalism the success it deserves to be. Our goal is to create a platform that helps private sector organizations navigate these challenging times,” said Levick.


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