The Inc. Tank Podcast | Asif Khan: Geolocation Data and Predictive Analytics

November 20, 2020

The Inc. Tank logoThat cellphone buzzing in your pocket or purse continually tracks where you are – and, by extension, with whom you are associating. Such geolocation information is like a “dial tone,” said Asif Khan, Founder & Chairman of the Location Based Marketing Association on a mid-November 2020 episode of The Inc. Tank podcast. “It’s always there.”

Not too long ago, a lot of us used to laugh at where our phones thought we were, but the accuracy of geolocation and tracking devices is reaching new levels.  Ever more accurate data about patterns of movement and the kinds of consumption and behavior that movement signifies is hoovered up by businesses and government agencies. This reality is triggering multiple concerns over privacy and the data ownership.

What should we know about location-based marketing and its effect on our lives? “A lot,” according to Asif.

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