The Inc. Tank Podcast | Casey Means, MD: Metabolic Health and Better Living for Everyone

November 24, 2020

The Inc. Tank logoRight now, our personal health data lies behind high walls. It’s not only hard to access, it’s distributed among numerous providers who are using systems that don’t share records or talk to one another. If individuals had immediate access to our medical data, would we do a better job of taking control of our own health care?

Dr. Casey Means, a guest on a late November 2020 Inc. Tank podcast, thinks that the answer to that question is “yes”: The majority of us want to take proactive steps to improve our health care. She has devoted her career to studying the effects of diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress on people’s lives – the art and science of “optimizing metabolic health.” Her research into ways that individuals can monitor themselves to achieve a more health-conscious lifestyle led her to cofound Levels Health, a Portland, Oregon-based start-up dedicated to helping people help themselves by tapping health-monitoring technology.

There are a lot of foods that we think might be healthy for us and aren’t – or at least aren’t depending on what else is happening in our life. In other words, eating a banana may have a positive effect on your metabolic health, but a neutral or mildly negative effect on mine. Moreover, a banana may be helpful for you on a Monday morning but less effective on a Wednesday afternoon, given your stress and exercise level and what else you’ve consumed that week.

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