The Inc. Tank Podcast | Heather Flannery and Sean Manion: Rethinking and Rebuilding Healthcare Ecosystems

December 10, 2020

The Inc. Tank logoAmerican healthcare patients are all too familiar with the numbing complexity of information and permission forms, plus the frustrations of dealing with computer systems that don’t speak to one another – not to mention the unfathomable pricing of procedures and services and their often-bizarre relationship to insurance. It’s especially aggravating given the vast technological competencies of other sectors of U.S. society.

It’s not only a big problem: it’s a system-level problem, meaning it needs system-level solutions. On the one hand, the world’s current healthcare systems are not equipped to “use data to its greatest effect,” argues Heather Flannery, the founder and CEO of ConsenSys Health. She has tasked ConsenSys Health’s technologists, neuroscientists, economists, and business strategists to “rethink and reimagine” the healthcare ecosystem by applying blockchain, AI, and trusted verifiable and confidential computing to address the ecosystem’s inadequacies and shortcomings.

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