Wake Forest University’s Center for the Study of Capitalism Adds Warren Stephens as Executive Affiliate

January 27, 2021

Headshot of Warren StephensThe Wake Forest University Center for the Study of Capitalism (CSC) today announced that Business School alumnus Warren Stephens is joining CSC as an Executive Affiliate. Mr. Stephens is the Chairman, President and CEO of Stephens Inc., one of the largest family-owned financial services firms in the United States.

“Warren Stephens is a steadfast and thoughtful champion of free-market enterprise,” said Christina Elson, Executive Director of the CSC. “He understands the deep links between the success of entrepreneurs and free enterprise with capitalism and free markets. This is evident through Warren’s work and embodied in the Stephens Inc. philosophy of investing in people and focus on creating long-term business growth. Warren and our affiliates are an integral part of CSC’s public profile.”

Mr. Stephens was named president and CEO of Stephens Inc. in 1986, succeeding his father Jack Stephens. Under his direction, the Little Rock-based firm has grown across the US and into Europe, matching demand for its specialized services that include: investment banking, wealth management, public finance, research, sales and trading, and fixed income, with markets of interest. Mr. Stephens received his MBA from Wake Forest and is a graduate of Washington and Lee University.

“I’m honored to join the Center for the Study of Capitalism,” said Warren Stephens. “I strongly believe that the free-market system is a force for freedom and creativity, the root of America’s entrepreneurial strength. This belief drives all we do at Stephens Inc. It’s why we are passionate about our This is Capitalism campaign, which, through the stories of business and featured personalities, shines a light on this defining American system for the better. I look forward to putting my expertise to work on behalf of Christina and her team at CSC.”

Mr. Stephens joins a distinguished list of CSC Executive affiliates, including Mr. John A. Allison, Mr. Billy Prim, and Mr. Richard Levick, Esq.

CSC is dedicated to helping find solutions to the issues that cloud the future of U.S. capitalism, from access, fairness, and equality to bridging the technology gap and ensuring a steady and equitable flow of capital.