Center for the Study of Capitalism at Wake Forest University Launches Student Affiliate Program

November 16, 2020

The Wake Forest Center for the Study of Capitalism is proud to announce the inaugural cohort of the Student Affiliate Program—Pavan Kumar Meka (‘23), Elise Burger (‘22), Danny Sysler (‘22) and Dylan Cohen (‘22). These exceptional students are diving into semester-long mentored research projects on topics of their choosing. Their efforts and work will provide data-driven ideas about the role of government, markets, and civic organizations in contributing to dynamic, well-functioning capitalism.

“To me, the Student Affiliate Program provides a proactive way for Wake Forest students to contribute to collective knowledge and do something deeply connected to the Wake Forest motto, Pro Humanitate, for humanity. At the same time, the program provides a chance to actively hone in-demand skills including complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, judgment, and decision making,” noted the Christina Elson, the Center’s Executive Director.

“I hope to blend some of the elements of a liberal arts education – critical thinking, reading, writing, exploratory learning – with my technical education in the business school,” said Elise, who will be exploring a topic related to business school curriculum.

Prof. Michelle Steward, an advisor to the Student Affiliate program noted, “this program provides a way for these students to engage in a creative process that they will proudly remember for a lifetime; the students will leave the experience with a great addition to their portfolio of experiences.”

The program will wrap up in the April when the Affiliates present the results of their investigations to the Wake Forest Community. As the inaugural cohort, Pavan, Elise, Danny and Dylan, also will naturally assume leadership roles in shaping the program for future participants.

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About the Student Affiliate Program

Interested students apply to the program, and a small cohort is selected by the Center for the Study of Capitalism. Each Student Affiliate is mentored through the process of producing original research and outreach on one of the CSC’s four key impact areas: environment, health, education, and systems – a unique opportunity to address current relevant issues regarding the economy and society, contributing to a dialogue about what well-functioning capitalism looks like in the 21st century.


About the Center for the Study of Capitalism

The Center for the Study of Capitalism at Wake Forest University is a research and teaching center and a trusted source of information about well-functioning democratic capitalism.